The Historian

Horian Windtop was an Amatherian who lived in the city where Scapegoat currently stands. He was a high ranking official and prominent member of society as well as being a noted scholar and recorder of history. Publicly he was known as the main chronicler of the Amatherians.

Privately, he was the lowest ranking minion of the evil necromancer Zed. He used his talents to record the lore and sayings of Zed, which he kept hidden in his library. The other Amatherians never discovered his alliance with Zed, which he took to the grave, literally. As the other minions fell and the Amatherians made their last push against Zed, Horian recorded Zed’s last instructions and received a death boon.

Horian lived to see the end of the Amatherians as the survivors of the war left the land and the cities were abandoned. He had his tomb prepared well ahead of time including the false sarcophagus. As he felt his time nearing he made his way to the burial chamber and dug himself into the bare patch of dirt. He wore only the key to his cabinet of valuables, and was filled with a confidence that Zed would raise him when he returned.

Horian’s favored weapon was the Broadsword named Bloodlust.

Known Surviving Works:

The Historian

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