Campaign Setting


Settlers – Hiboreans (Farmers, Loggers, Hunters, Miners, Sailors, Soldiers, Craftsman, etc.)

Monks – Monastery (not the fighting kind, the scholarly, garden tending kind) near Greenbrier.

Royalists – Former soldiers, have a reputation for banditry

White Guard – Only stationed in New Rivenhall, answer to the Viceroy.

Imperial Administration – Viceroy _ (to be named after a beer) administers rule from New Rivenhall. Maintains a network of magistrates and military leaders in many of the towns in Far Haven.

NATIVES (Known Races):

Elves – Highland woodland dwellers

Halflings – Lowland woodland dwellers

Dwarves – In and around the mountains

Shifter – I don’t know from shifters

Goliath – Around the mtns.

Tieflings – Beyond the mtns.

Dragonborn – Beyond the mtns.

Orcs – ??

Druids – Very secretive, but thought to stick to the woodlands. Listed here because they are a distinct group. Primarily comprised of elves, but they are open to all that chose the path.

Folkestone (City of Natives)

General History: (if you pick the history skill you will know more than this)

Settlers from the kingdom of Hiborea first began settling about 150 years ago.

Explorations of the land have been limited to East of the Oblivion Mtns.

Sparsely populated (both natives and settlers)

Ancient human kingdom once reigned here, but no trace of why they disappeared.

The natives call the ancient people the Manatherians.

Geography: A thick ancient forest abounds in the vast majority of the lands east of the Mtns. There are farmlands in the north near the bay. There is a very large river that splits the land in the half. In fact it splits the mountain range in half, but beyond the mtns the river flows through a seemingly impassable canyon that remains to be explored.

Religion: (if you pick the religion skill you will know more than this) Being a colony, Far Haven is very tolerant and open to all forms of religion. There are no restrictions on the types of churchs/temples that are built.

Current Events: Law and order in the cities, some in the villages. Groups of former soldiers with ever-changing loyalties, who have either retired or deserted, wander about the countryside. Banditry is on the increase. Piracy is on the increase. Shipments leaving Far Haven have drastically dried up. Mining and logging operations have severely slowed over the past several months. Even the weather has become generally overcast and ominous. Some of the townspeople of Axehead have started talking about moving back and giving up what little hope they have left of making a new life here.

This land that you will be campaigning in is part of colonizing efforts by a faraway kingdom. These efforts have proven to be extremely difficult and costly, so the kingdom is on the verge of abandoning the colonies all together. There is one administrative type city in the region. Most of the other settlements are centered around mining, logging, and hunting operations. There is a quite a bit of piracy occurring in the area, so there are many pirate hideouts that dot the coastline. Civilized people lived here at one time, long ago, but most were wiped out, so natives (not including 3 or 4 generations of colonists) to the land are far and few between.

Some more history of the yet to be named land. Has the regular cast of races, but at very low isolated populations. The only conflicts occur when colonists try to extract resources in places that infringe on native people. There aren’t that many colonists, so this is a rare occurrence. Its common knowledge that a powerful civilization once reigned here, but all that remains are the numerous ruins. In more recent history, soldiers from the overseas kingdom used to man garrisons, but those have been abandoned as the kingdom slows withdraws its efforts to claim the land for its own. There is a group of former soldiers called the Royalists that have been known to harass the country folk and commit acts of banditry. There is one large city (yet to be named) protected by elite soldiers called the White Guard. They symbolize, to many, law and order and answer to the Viceroy.

Do races basically exist in places with their own people? A village of elves, a village of humans, a village of dwarves, etc? Or are there mixed race villages/cities/countries?

Natives live in villages of their own type. Generally speaking, separate Elf & halfling villages in forested areas, separate dwarves, goliaths, gnomes in the mountains, separate tieflings and dragonborn in the desert, etc. It isn’t unusual to have a handful of natives in any given colonist town, though. Colonists, by the way, could be any race as well. One conspicuous note is that there doesn’t seem to be any native humans. And it is also believed that the kingdom that once reigned here long ago was a human kingdom. The natives are tight lipped about this.

In the country as a whole, if you count all people, what are the percentages of colonists andn atives?

There aren’t any accurate numbers on how many natives live in the country. In fact, the only area really known to the colonists are the forested areas near the coast and along the rivers that lead up into the mountains. So there’s tons of exploration that could be done. The impression that the colonists are getting is that the colonies were an experiment that has failed. The yet to be named distant kingdom is in turmoil and so is withdrawing it colonizing efforts and support. I don’t want to put an exact number on it, but let’s say there are some colonist towns along the coast, along the rivers, and along the two major overland roads that cut across the country. The towns range from 100 to 800 people. There’s one major city that is… er 7000 people (by people I mean all manner of mixed races). There’s a couple of larger towns along the coast that have around 2000-4000 people.

Campaign Setting

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